• Concrete Tools

    Concrete Tools

    Durable concrete tools for the most demanding jobs.

  • Pumps

    Pumps (OBSOLETE)

    RIDGID® sump and utility pumps are designed to provide peace of mind. Innovative features like the 360 degree float guard, top suction volute, and cast iron construction maximize reliability.

  • Tile Tools

    Tile Tools

    The right tools and accessories to get the results you expect out of your flooring projects.

  • STRAPLOCK Pipe Handle

    STRAPLOCK Pipe Handle

    Securely grips plastic pipe. Simplifies the installation and maintenance of large diameter plastic pipe applications

  • Electrical Hand Tool

    Electrical Hand Tool (OBSOLETE)

  • Vises


  • Anvils


    RIDGID® Peddinghaus anvils have a reputation for quality and craftsmanship. Peddinghaus anvils are drop-forged and produced entirely from high-grade steel for maximum durability.

  • Levels


    RIDGID® professional levels are designed and built to last in the toughest job conditions.

  • Bolt Cutters

    Bolt Cutters

    One-step internal cam mechanism provides the quickest and simplest way to keep the cutting blades precisely aligned.

  • Folding Rules

    Folding Rules

    Precision made of flexible heavy-duty fiberglass with embedded, easy-to-read boldface figures and graduations with red 16" stud marks and positive locking joints.

  • Hammers


    RIDGID® hammers feature high-quality steel heads. Individual sections are tempered steel for strength, hardness and resiliency.

  • On-Site Storage

    On-Site Storage

    Secure and organize your tools and inventory with RIDGID On-Site Storage Chests.

  • Pliers


    Slip Joint and Tongue and Groove pliers feature a flush rivet design that provides a stronger tool and allows access to tighter areas.

  • Saws


    Effortlessly cut through a variety of materials like aluminum, plastic pipe, plywood and veneers.

  • Screw Extractors

    Screw Extractors

  • Replacement Drill Guides

    Replacement Drill Guides

    RIDGID Drill Guides help you make accurate holes in difficult spaces.

  • Twist Drills

    Twist Drills

  • Screwdrivers

    Screwdrivers (OBSOLETE)

  • Shovels


    Shovel blades and shanks are one-piece, rustproof 14-gauge steel, taper-formed and then heat treated. Round blades have a slip-resistant, turned step. Burnished, lacquered ash handles are double-riveted to blade socket.

  • Snips


    Excellent for cutting sheet metal, screening, wire, leather, cloth, gasket material, rubber, linoleum, roofing material, plastics, etc. Handles designed for right-or-left hand use.

  • Tape Measures

    Tape Measures

    RIDGID® heavy-duty tape measures offer more durability and comfort while easily resisting impacts.

  • Tool Boxes

    Tool Boxes

    Heavy-duty tool boxes for tradesmen’s use. Made of 18-gauge, cold-rolled prime steel. Two heavy-duty plated trunk-type catches. Plated top handle. Electrically welded construction.